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James Nathaniel Flood, born Wexford, Ireland

Researcher: Valerie Reece


James Nathanial Flood
by Martha Sims Wright

James Nathanial Flood came from Ireland as a young man. We don't know the date of his birth, nor what his age was, nor what year he came to the states. His father (name unknown), a widower, was bringing his family to the states. Don't know how many children besides James. The father died on the way over and was buried at sea. [He came over on the SS Sheridan at age 8 or 9 by himself mostly as his father died at sea and was buried at sea.  I found the SS Sheridan landed here in 1845 from Liverpool - Valerie]
James settled in Alabama. He was mar­ried to Frances Charlotte Cox on Nov. 19,1855, accord­ing to Lauderdale, Alabama, County records. To this union was born II children. Aaron, born in Alabama; Caroline, born in Arkansas; Elisha, born in Arkansas; Sarah, Queen, Ellen, J. M. (Mack), John, William, Katherine, and Arizona, were all born in Missouri.

When this family came from Alabama and Arkan­sas, they settled in Stone County, Missouri, home­steading a section of land. Their children all married and settled close in Stone County except Caroline. She married Pearce_Lawrence and moved to Kansas. Elisha married Rachel Martin; Sarah married PIes Wright; Queen married Johnnie Martin; Ellen mar­ried William Martin, J. M. married Lidia Rhea; John married Ada Stockstill; William married Vada Bailey, Katherine married Robert Wilson; Arizona married Luther Sims; Aaron married Martha Inmon.

James Nathanial was a Civil War veteran. During the time when the bushwhackers were raiding the houses and farms and killing so many, James had to hide out from them to keep from being killed.

The balance of this history is on Aaron Flood's family.

When Aaron came to Missouri from Alabama, his family first settled south of Springfield, Missouri, bet­ween Springfield and Nixa, later moving to Stone Coun­ty, where he married and settled in what is known as the "Flood Community." All his children were farmers.

A.P., as he was known, had land on the James River. The old Inmon Arch, as it was called, was pro­perty he bought from the Railroad Co., and he had land

east of James River, which years ago was called Hooten Town. There was a store and blacksmith there; his land was east of there.

Aaron Flood and Martha Inman were married Dec. 20, 1878. He and Martha had 9 children, two of whom died in infancy. They were Midia, married W. T. Sims. They had 3 children, one boy who died in infancy and two girls; Jasper married Viola Richards; they had one girl and one boy; John married Arnia Martin, they had 3 boys and 3 girls; Bill married Beulah Rhea. They had one daughter; Jess married Florence Martin. They had 2 boys and I girl; Ella married Dallas Martin. They had 2 boys.

There was a one room log school house built just east of their home. Midia and Jasper went to school

there. John was not old enough to go to school, but every day he would slip off and go down to play with the kids at schooL Later a school house was built just south of the log school. At the present time, it is the home of Gibert Flood, one of William's sons. Later it burned and was rebuilt. then a church house was built just north of the school, and it is known today as the Plea­sant View or "Flood Church." Grandma Charlotte Flood gave the land for the church and cemetery. The cemetery is known as the "Flood Cemetery." There is a beautiful church there today, all brick. It is built onto and around the old church house.

A. P. Flood owned a sawmill and sawed part of the lumber for the old church, and he made the pews in the old church. Church services were held in Grandma Charlotte's home while the church was being built.

Also Aaron (A.P.) owned a threshing machine, a big steam engine and a separator. He threshed around Clever, Boaz, Union City and Brown’s Spring. He also had a      sorghum mill arid made sorghum every fall for all the  neighbors that raised sorghum cane. This was the old pan method of making molasses. He cooked off as many as two batches of molasses a day, starting around 4 a.m. grinding the juice out of the cane. The second batch would come off. around 8 p.m. The neighbors would gather to sop the sorghum pan after the sorghum was poured into buckets and jars. Each one would get a piece of cane stalk about 12 inches long and sharpen one end and use it to sop with. The school children would do this also if a batch was done around the time they came by after school.

Aaron also had a grist mill. The neighbors would bring their corn and wheat to be ground into meal and flour for bread.

Grandma Martha (Inmon) was born and raised around Nixa, Missouri. All of Aaron and Martha's children were raised and settled in the Flood com­munity.

After awhile Jasper's family, Jesses' family, Bill's family. and Ella's family all went to the state of Wash­ington and lived for some time, but later all came back to Missouri and settled. Lonza's family moved to the state of California and 'Stayed there. Aaron and Martha are both buried in the Flood Cemetery. There is only one of their children living at this time, Ella Martin, who will be 90 years old in August. They had 18 grand­children and 26 great-grandchildren.

The grandchildren: Ottie Wilson, Colorado; Mar­tha Wright, Missouri; Leo Flood, Utah; (deceased), Ruby Pardue, California; Frances Eisenhour, Missouri; Kermit Martin, Illinois; (deceased), Keno Martin, Missouri; Gladys Gilmore, California; (deceased), Clarence Flood, California; Clyde Flood, California; (deceased), Maxine Flood, California; Imogene Flood, California; Pal F. Flood, California; Mildred Carnp­bell, Oregon; Richard Flood, Missouri; Merle Loveland, Missouri. Two died in infancy.



James Flood Wexford Ireland to USA


James Flood b. March 1835? From Wexford Ireland  d. Stone County, Missouri 4/2/1902             m. Frances Charlotte Cox b. 6/16/1835 Lauderdale(ville) County Alabama d. 5/4/1932

 Note: James Flood buried in the Berry Cemetery near Hootentown Bridge, Stone County

Frances  “Lottie”  is buried in the Flood Cemetery at Pleasant View Baptist Church, Stone County

 Children of James “Jimmie” and Lottie Flood:

            Aron Pierce b. Alabama 9/25/1856 d. 1/24/1929

                        m. Martha b. 8/9/1859 d/ 2/4/1920 (Inman)

            Mary Caroline. b. Arkansas 1/10/1858

                        m. Pearce Lawrence moved to Kansas

            Elisha H. b. Arkansas 12/28/1860 d. 1/18/1947

                        m. Rachel A. b. 11/5/1863 d. 2/9/1942 (Martin)

            Queen Victoria. b. 4/28/1862 d. 3/11/1932

                        m. John W. Martin b. 12/7/1885 d. 2/16/1947

            Mary Ellen b. 1/6/1864 d. 1933

                        m. Will Martin b. 1869 d. 1931

            Sarah E. b. 6/7/1868

                        m. Pleas Wright

            James Mack Flood b.3/16/1870 (1880?) d. 11/2/1936

                        m. Lydia M. b. 4/18/1884 d. 2/20/1962 (Rhea)

            John b. 2/27/1872

                        m. Ada (Stockstill)

            William E. b. 1/22/1874 d. 7/29/1969

                        m. Lavada b. 1/14/1878 d. 2/24/1963(Bailey)

            Catherine b. 11/14/1877

                        m. Robert Wilson

            Arizonia b.11/10/1881 d. 9/29/1964

m. Luther Sims b. 5/26/1878 d. 2/3/1956

            Benjamin H. b.12/25/1889

 Note: Elisha is my great-grandfather.

 Elisha Hood Flood b. 12/28/1860 d. 1/18/1947

            m. Rachel A. Martin b. 11/5/1863 d. 2/9/1942

 Children of Elisha and Rachel Flood:

            Tolona b. ?

            James Nathanial b.8/15/1889 d.12/26/1974

m. Maude E. Gideon b.1/18/1896 d. 9/5/1986

            Delphia L. b. 5/12/?? D. 1964

                         m. Claude E. Sims (b. 1888 d. 1949)

            Susan C. b.

            Elisha L. b. 1888?

            Landon b. 9/1897 d. 9/1962

Wade b. 4/3/1901 d. 12/19/1958

            m. Eula b. 10/16/1906 d. 1/24/1975                 

Note: James Nathanial is my grandfather.

  James Nathanial “Nattie” Flood b. 8/15/1889 d. 12/26/1974

            m. Maude E. Gideon b. 1/18/1896 d. 9/5/1986

 Children of James and Maude Flood:

             Ralph A Flood b. 1/16/1916 d. 2/16/1938

            Lorena M. b. 9/18/1913 d. 

                        m. (Pigg) (Kinney) Floyd Maynard

            James Howard Flood b. 9/19/1920 d. 6/22/2003

                        m. Patricia G. Funk 4/6/1946 b. 7/11/1927 d. 9/11/2007

 Note: James Howard Flood was my father:

Children of James Howard and Patricia Flood:

             Larry Eugene Flood b. 1/7/1947 d. 2/25/2001

            Valerie Ann b. 6/4/1951

                        m.  8/18/1972 Robert Douglas Reece b. 9/9/1948

            James Randy Flood b. 12/8/1955

 Child of  Valerie and Doug Reece:

  Jeffery Douglas Reece b. 4/20/1981

            m.8/18/2006 Maria Ann Strobel  b. 8/30/1984