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John Flood, born 1824, place unknown, perhaps Longford/Westmeath

Researcher: Pete Hanley and Kate Hanley


Trying to locate the birth place in Ireland for John Flood and Sarah McCann.

Here is my Flood family from the 1860 Census (birth dates are interpolated):

John Flood (born 1824)
Sarah wife (born 1829)
William (born 1852)
Eliza (born 1854)

Mary Jane (born 1856
Catherine (born 1858) Later married Lawrence Hanley
Eliza 32 (born 1828) Sister?
Bridget 75 (born 1785) Johnís Mother?
Mary Ganley (born 1820) Sister?

John and Sarah McCann flood were married in 1850.  Iíd like to see if we can connect our two lines.  We donít know where our Floods came from so your Longford info is interesting.  I have other lines from Longford (Gorman, Heslin, McKeon).

Our Floods lived on Mulberry St. and here are the neighbors in 1890 (note Sarah is still alive but John has passed).


Flood Sarah, wid. John, h 243 Mulberry

Flood Nicholas, h 242 Mulberry

Flood Margaret, candy, 242 Mulberry

Flood Patrick, engineer, h 242 Mulberry

Ryan Thomas, painter, h 242 Mulberry

McCann Mary G. (Ganley?) wid. Patrick, h 247 Mulberry 

Flood Catharine, wid. John, h 248 Mulberry

Hart Cornelius, fitter, h 281 Mulberry


John Flood's brother Thomas Flood married Margaret Savage. Their known children were Margaret b. 1854, Jane Elizabeth b. 1856, Bridget b. 1858, and Thomas Michael b. 1861. Margaret had a sister Mary Savage. They all lived in the Mulberry/Mott street area of NYC in the 1850's.  Other connected/related families were Reynolds, Hart, Clarke, Tierney, Biglein, Tobin.