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Holy Cross Cemetery
3620 Tilden Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11203
(718) 284-4520



Holy Cross Cemetary


Many of the Floods, from 1869 on are buried in Holy Cross.  Here are some photos and other records.  If you have any information as to other members of the family please send it so that it can be added.  To learn more about the Catholic Cemeteries in Brooklyn, get directions to any, go to the Diocese of Brooklyn's website

Excel spreadsheet of Holy Cross Flood gravesites

Patrick Flood Family Plot


Section: Letters, Range R, Grave #252

Owner: Patrick Flood

Name                    Age              Burial
James Flood       11 mos     11-03-1872
Patrick Flood       5 days      06-06-1873
Mary Flood         11 mos      03-15-1881
Mary Flood          36 yrs       03-28-1886
Peter Flood         27 yrs       10-31-1905
Patrick Flood      86 yrs        01-20-1925
Anna Duryea       40 yrs        03-14-1925


MOTHER                             BROTHER
DIED 1886                           DIED 1905

FATHER                               SISTER       
DIED 1925                           DIED 1925




When visiting Holy Cross I could not believe that my grandparents, John F. Flood and Madeline Klebaur Flood, did not have a headstone.  Their plot is between those headstones.


Section: Holy Rosary C, Range 3, Grave 96

Owner: Eliza Austin

Name                    Age              Burial
Michael Austin       39 yrs     07-20-1909
Lizzie Austin         73 yrs      06-12-1929
John F. Flood        63 yrs      02-08-1939
Madeline Flood       69 yrs     05-10-1947

Thomas J. Flood Plot


Section: Holy Rosary C, Range 21, Grave 67

Owner: Thomas J. Flood

Name                    Age              Burial
Margaret Flood      40 yrs      11-18-1909
Francis J. Flood    01 yr        12-07-1909
Margaret Flood      18 yrs      11-26-1912
Thomas J. Flood    46 yrs      07-14-1917
William W. Lundy   21 yrs      08-18-1941


The green on the Map is the approximate location of the plots.