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John Flood, born 1797 Mullingar, County Westmeath

Researcher: James Patrick Flood, NYC


John Flood was born 1797 during the rebellion and he grew up in it's aftermath.The period was characterized by the dispossession of the farmers of their land. They were forced to live on their own lands and pay rent to their new landlords.

John grew to a man of middling comfortable circumstances. He married Margaret Lyons (1801-1866), they lived in Legan, County Longford and had eight children and became well known in Mullingar and the surrounding area as he raised horses and took them to fairs in the area. He was know as an honest man, never known to swear or lie.

One Sunday November 22 1846, a band of 40 armed men crossed the Westmeath county line in Longford. The went "encouraging" farmers not to pay their rent under threat of reprisal. The Flood family was awakened by their barking dogs, and John went to inquire what the ruffians wanted. 3 or 4 approached and tried to force entry. John parried with a shovel against the man with a long gun. The gun discharge and hit John in the hip. The local speculated the intruders were Moonlighters, mobs that roamed the countryside dealing with evictions as they saw fit. (The Story of Ireland, Faber and Faber, 1965)

John was 52, and left a widow and 8 children. At this time we only know the names of 6 of the children.  Patrick Vincent, b. 9/16/1844, was the baby, 26 MOs. Other children were Christopher (Kiddy), Thomas, James, Bridget, and Peter. Margaret Lyons Flood lived another 20 years and died on May 28, 1866 age 65. She and John are buried in New Abbeyshrule Cemetery, Longford.

 We believe John JR. and William were the missing children, and emigrated soon after the death of their father.  Peter was later arrested for activities in the Land League. Patrick Vincent entered the Dominican Novitiate at Tallaght at the age of 15. He made his solemn profession 10/3/1864 to Father Burke, his mentor, in Rome. He told Father Burke he had at last reached his goal , and Father Burke replied "Aspire to perfection Patrick, go on and fulfill God's plan for you". He returned to Ireland assigned to St. Mary, Cork, later Waterford, then Prior at Galway, at Newry he built the beautiful Convent, and re-build the Church in his own Architectural style. Upon the death of Father Burke, he was sent to complete building the new church at Tallaght which was completed in 3 years. Father Flood named it the Burke Memorial Church, and consecrated it on the 2nd Sunday of Oct. 1886. On August 15, 1887 Patrick Flood informed by Rome he was to receive the miter as Bishop of Trinidad.  He was  consecrated 8/15/1857 in Dublin by Dr. Walsh, Archbishop of Dublin. In 1889 be became the Archbishop of Port-O-Spain. His battles with the London landlords were considerable, as he enlarged his flock of Catholics, and defended the Rights of the diocese against encroachment of the Colonial Office. He solidified the rights of the parishes of Trinidad, and Rome entrusted  those parishes to the Irish Provence. He died 5/17/1907.  

Peter had a son, Joseph Mary Flood, who went on to be an accomplished jurist in Limerick, and has a street there named after him

James J. Flood,  married Marcella Atkinson on 11/13/1872. They moved to Rath, parish of Moyvore, (see Records Page for Moyvore) which later merged with Milltown. Their children were James J. JR. B. 1876, Marcella, John, Patrick, Margaret, Teresa, Christopher and Ellie. Ellie relates the story that James JR. lived with an Uncle and thought he would inherit the land, when another nephew tricked the uncle into believing he was more worthy. So James J. JR. emigrated. to NY. He arrived 3/5/1903 and settled in Brooklyn.

He married Catherine McCormack, from Derryadd, Longford on 4/29/1906 at Old Lady of Victory, 583 Throop Ave., Brooklyn. Ceremony performed by Father Arthus O'Conner (b. 7/14/1871), witnesses were Michael Lennon and Anna Kerrigan. Catherine and James had 9 children, and were married for 51 years. 

James Joseph Flood III died May 1958
John (Jack) Flood died 1958
Bridget Terese Flood b. Nov. 17, 1907, died Jan 23, 1969
Marcella Flood, b. 1910
Catherine Flood b. Nov. 27, 1912
Thomas Burton Flood b. 1914
William Francis Flood b. Oct 27, 1917 died Apr 30, 2002
Joseph Flood b. 1919
Margaret Flood b. 1920 died 1928

At one time James J. Flood owned a bar called the Underhill Cafe on Underhill Ave., Brooklyn. A picture from the time shows a poster for the Flood Association Picnic, 8/1916 at New Dorp, Staten Island. In 1917 James started a Moving Company, "J. Flood and Sons, Moving & Storage".The 1948 Certificate of Partnership #12569 filed 3/5/1948 in Brooklyn lists James J. Flood of 440 Prospect Place, William Flood of 495 Sterling Place and John Flood of 588 Park Place as partners.

My father, William Francis Flood, had 5 children, all still living.