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Roman Catholic Parish of Lenamore (Legan), County Longford
Baptism Records
Involving the name Flood - 1855-1905
Transcribed by Rev. Francis X. Flood, S.J., August 12, 1971

First Pastor Rev. Peter O'Connell 1833-1839
Baptism Records begin 1855. Previous Records burned.

Date Child's Name Father Mother Sponsor Sponsor
15 Apr 1856 Patrick James Dermody Catherine Commiskey Michael Flood Maria Hughes
17 June 1856 Patrick John Shanly Bridget Flood Thomas Flood Margaret Wynn
23 Mar 1857 Briodyann Edward Halligan Anne Keenan Edward Keenan Margaret Flood
9 Jun 1857 John Patrick Kelly Maria Flood John Foster Elinor Keenan
20 Aug 1857 Brigidann Patrick Ledwith Brigid Keenan James Ledwith Brigid Flood
21 Feb 1858 Anthony Michael Carroll Marcella Kenny Thomas Flood Margaret Carroll
3 Dec 1860 Maria Edward McGuire Maria Dolan Andrew Rafferty Brigid Flood
27 Mar 1863 Francis Francis O'Donnell Margaret Gaghagan William Smyth Brigid Flood
12 Dec 1863 Bridiann Patrick Ledwith Brigid Keenan James Flood Brigid Keenan
10 July 1864 James William Flood Eliza Moran Edward Moran Marcella Moran
17 Aug 1866 Maria William Flood Eliza Moran Michael Farrell Margaret Reilly
18 Feb 1867 Hugo Hugo Kelly Elizabeth Farrell Thomas Flood Brigid Flood
30 Mar 1867 Thomas Michael Mulvy Alicia Dermody James Flood Margaret Mulvey
6 Jan 1869 Elizabeth William Flood Eliza Moran Edward Moran Maria Murphy
18 Nov 1870 Andrew* William Flood Elizabeth Moran Edward Flood Catherine Reilly
21 Aug 1873 Susana William Flood Elizabeth Moran John Flood Maria Moran
22 Mar 1875 Edward Edward Harrington Elizabeth Flood John Canning Elizabeth Flood
27 Sept 1876 Bernard Edward Harrington Elizabeth Flood John McDonnell Margaret Canning
19 May 1881 Patrick Patrick Dalton Margaret Mulvy Christopher Flood Anna Shanly
22 July 1882 Matthew James Dalton Margaret Mulvey Thomas Flood Maria Gardhan
13 Aug 1882 Robert Edward Harrington Elizabeth Flood Bernard Kenny Elizabeth Kenny
20 Feb 1886 Patrick Edward Harrington Elizabeth Flood Thomas Cronnigan Maria O'Neil
4 Apr 1898 Anna Thomas Kelly Brigid Daly James Flood Maria Kelly

* Andrew Flood married Catherine Harrington on 16 August 1911, Lisawariff (Legan)

Record of Flood Deaths, Lenamore, County Longford
Beginning 20 January 1855
Transcribed by Rev. Francis X. Flood, S.J., August 12, 1971

20 Jul 1855

Michael Flood
20 Jun 1857 James Flood
18 Aug 1858 Michael Flood
01 Jun 1865 Margaret Flood of Legan, age 58
15 May 1934 Sepultura John Flood apad Foxhall, age 7_?

This note added "These records go up to 24 Nov 1890; there is the last solitary entry above. Uncle of Vincent Flood, Went to Buenos Aires, on his return married Margaret Dalton of Foxhall"

County Longford Board of Health
Register of Internments - Regulations of 6 July 1888
Transcribed by Rev. Francis X. Flood, S.J. - 1971

Page 1, Number 5    Hugh Flood age 73, RC, merchant, married of Ballymahon, buried 28.1.45, c/o Flood
Page 2, number 9    James Flood age 83, RC, Farmer, widower, of Lisawariff, buried 23.3.46, c/o W. Flood*
Page 20 Number 7    Edward Flood, age 43, RC, farmer, married, of Lenamore, buried 16/7/1962, c/o Willie Flood*
Page 21 Number 7    William Flood*, age 51**, RC, farmer, married, of Lenamore, buried 26/8/63 c/o Patrick Flood
Page 22 Number 1    William Flood, age 52, RC, auctioneer, married, of Ballymahon, buried 26/8/63 c/o Mrs. Flood
Page 2 Number 6    Andrew Flood, age 75, RC, farmer, married, of Legan, buried 23/1/46 c/o Kate Flood

* Noted "husband of Pauline"
** Noted "should be 50"


Cemetery Headstones
Transcribed by Rev. Francis X. Flood, S.J. - 1971

Abbeyshrule Cemetery

Mary Keogh Flood
Died June 1809, age
MO Keogh Flood
Died 1801, age 55

John Flood
of Ardandre (?)
Died 22 Nov 1846, age 52
wife Margaret Flood, alias Lyons
Died 28 May 1866, age 65

William Flood
Died 30 Oct 1878, age 60
wife Elizabeth (Farrell)
Died 20 Aug 1909, age 74
daughter Susan
Died 19 Jun 1909, age 32
son Edward
Died 20 Jan 1898, age 37
daughter Maria
Died 17 July 1917, age 32
Erected by son James Flood & Bros.

Milltown Parish Cemetery

Of your charity pray
for the happy repose of
the soul of
John Flood
Rathcaled (?)
Died Feb 6, 1890, age 73
Erected by his wife Anne Flood