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Mary Rochford

Family history is that my GGM Mary came from County Sligo, to the United States and married my great grandfather, Patrick Flood (From County Longford) at Our Lady of Victory RC Parish, 583 Throop Avenue, Brooklyn, New York on November 25, 1869.  The 1870 census lists her as 20 years old, and she died in 1886 at age 36, so she was born about 1850.  Unfortunately, the death certificates at that time did not list parents names. The best I have is that she immigrated to the U.S. around 1867.

Church records indicate that there were 2 other Ratchfords in Our Lady of Victory Parish, Anne Ratchford and Catherine “ Kate” Ratchford. I believe that Anne may have been Mary’s sister.   

Anne Ratchford married a John F. McCann on August 24, 1869 and Kate Ratchford was a witness.  The McCanns then moved to Jersey City.  Anne died in 1921 and her death certificate lists father as Rochford (no first name), and her mother as Catherine Roulette.

A Margaret McGowan married my great uncleThomas J. Flood, one of Patrick's sons, at Our Lady of Victory on October 2, 1892, and died in Brooklyn on November 16, 1909.  Family lore has it that Margaret McGowan was related to the Ratchfords, and Thomas' cousin, and the family notes say that she was from West Dunmore, Country Sligo.  I cannot find a “West Dunmore”, and think this may be mistaken for “Dromore West”.  Her parents were Andrew McGowan and Maggie Roulett, and she was born approximately 1869.  I believe that Maggie Roulett was closely related to Catherine Roulette, and that Catherine was also Mary's mother, and my GGGMother.

In going through my uncle's (Father Francis X. Flood, S.J.) papers I came accross an address list from the 1930s, and one section was labeled "Blood Relatives", and included on that list was Anne McCann, Jersey City.

Diocese of Brooklyn records state that Catherine Ratchford’s parents were Jimmy Ratchford and Honora Canly, and that she was born in Sligo.  On December 27, 1870 she married a Henry Hagan, from Derry, whose parents were Charles and Jane Hagan, and Mary (Ratchford) Flood was a witness. Kate Ratchford was a witness at the wedding of my great grand parents.  I believe that Catherine "Kate" Ratchford was most probably a cousin.

 While the spelling of the name is “Ratchford” on all the church marriage records, my great grandmother’s name is spelled Rochfort, Rochford or Rochefort in baptism records and death certificates, and I believe that one of those derivations is the family name in Ireland, as I cannot locate any Ratchfords. (see What's in a Name)

Griffiths Valuations list the following in County Sligo


First Name Townland Civil Parish
Rochfort James Moygara Kilfree
Rochfort James Doonbeakin Kilmacshalgan
Canly Michael Knockahoney Kilmacteige

 Using the Castle Garden passenger lists I found the following:

James Rochford, Tailor, age 25, from Liverpool, SS Minnesota, 26 Oct 1854, Mary, wife, age 24, Michael, Tailor, age 18, Anne age 5, and Catherine age 3

 John Rochefort, Laborer, age 30, from Dublin, ship Triton, 29 June 1948, Elisa Rochefort, age 30, Wm. age 15 (brother), Wm. Age 7, Catherine age 5, and Mary age 0? (born on board?)

If you have any more luck, let me know.





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