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William Flood, born circa 1770, Emper, Catholic Parish of Milltown, County Westmeath

Researcher: James J. Flood, Dublin and Mary Flood. Legan


The information on William Flood and Margaret Dooley is only speculation, as I have not found any birth, baptism or marriage records. William Flood was born in Emper, County Westmeath sometime around 1770, or a little later.  He married Margaret Dooley, and as far as is known they had 4 children: Edward Flood, Francis Flood, John Flood and William Flood in Emper. There may have been many more, as there is a family story that my grandfather Andrew had an uncle Francis (above) who was one of 7 brothers that built a boat and sailed to America. (The Boat Story)

William Flood, my great grandfather, was born anyplace between 1811 (Milltown Baptism register, or 1818 (Headstone). It is said that he emigrated to the Untied States (on the boat with Francis?) but returned to Ireland. He married Elizabeth (Elisa) Moran ( a widow, first husband was Farrell) of Agharra, Longford in the late 1850s.  William died on October 27, 1878 and is buried in the Abbeyshrule cemetery.  (Milltown Parish records) (Milltown Parish)

William and Elizabeth had 8 children all born in Agharra, County Longford:

William, born c. 1858
John, born c. 1860
Edward born c. 1861
James born 9 July 1864
Maria born 16 August 1866
Elizabeth born 5 January 1869
Andrew born 16 November 1870 (my grandfather), and
Susan born 20 August 1873

My great uncle William emigrated to the US and settled in Mayfield Borough, outside of Scranton, PA. in 1892.  His first wife was Caroline, and he had a son John J. Flood born 1899, and a daughter Maria R. Flood, born about 1901.  Both William and John worked for the Railroad. Caroline died between 1900 and 1910, and William remarried a woman named Julia in 1911.  In 1920 and 1930 they lived at 515 Poplar Street, Mayfield, PA. John married a Grace McNulty, and they had 4 children that still live in the area.  Maria married a man named Peter MacKrell, and they had 2 children, both of whom were doctors. This is of interest as our family had lost touch with William's family and it was only through ClanFlood that we found and were reunited with them within the last 6 months.

John Flood emigrated to Argentina, then returned and married a F. Cox, and died August 15, 1934 at Foxhall, Longford.

Edward Flood died January 20, 1898

James Flood married Margaret Cox and died march 21, 1946 at Agharra, Longford

Maria Flood - not much known, except she died at Agharra

Elizabeth Flood - not much known

Andrew Flood married Catherine Harrington on August 16, 1911 at Legan, Longford, and they had 6 children, all born at Lisawarriff, Longford:

William Flood b. May 7, 1912, d. June 16, 1963 at Longford
Mary Elizabeth Flood b. August 17, 1915 d. May 10, 1987 N Ireland
Patrick Joseph Flood b. June 21, 1917 d. July 8, 1972 at Longford
Edward James Flood b.January 19, 1919 d. July 14, 1952 W-meath
Vincent Flood b. October 11, 1922 d.
Teresa Flood b. November 29, 1925 d. November 12, 1998 Legan Susan Flood died June 19, 1909 Agharra, Longford

Most of the family were farmers, and in the poultry & egg sales. Vincent operated a general store and pub in Legan, and his daughter Mary, my cousin, was the post mistress, and the person to go to in Legan for information about the Floods. Here's an article about Mary.

For more about my family and other Floods from this region, see Father Frank Flood's book on Legan-Milltown Floods on the Records page, as well as The Legan Connection.