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The Boat Story 

There is a family story that Patrick and 11 others in the family came into New York Harbor in their own boat - sort of a take off on St Brendan the Navigator!

Father Frank interviewed his first cousin, Thomas Jerome Flood, and there are 2 differing accounts written in Frank's hand.  One account states:

"Patrick Flood's sister was met by Tom Jerome Flood who says 12 brothers and 1 sister came to U.S. in their own boat (1847?) John Dwyer (a Brooklyn politician) was Port of New York Collector and administrator of Uncle Tom's estate." click for pdf of note

The other account states:

"John Dwyer, N.Y. Port Collector, in his office, showed Thos Jerome Flood records of Patrick Flood & his eleven brothers & one sister having come to N.Y. in their own boat" jpg of note

A third note just states:

"John O'Dwyer, N.Y. Port Collector showed Tom the records in a book of coming of Flood's" pdf of note

I did verify in the Kings County Surrogate's Court that a John E. Dwyer was indeed appointed executor of the estate of Thomas Joseph Flood.

One other very interesting "coincidence".  A similar story exists in James J. Flood, and his cousin Mary Flood's family from Legan, County Longford.  Here is an excerpt from James' email in 2002:

"In relation to your search for your Irish Ancestors, I was carrying out research on my own ancestors in the Legan Parish Records last week and discussing the various relationships with my mother.  During the course of our conversation she related a story my paternal Grandmother told her, when my mother told her she was going to call my younger brother, Francis.  My Grandmother told her that my Grandfather Andrew Flood had an Uncle Francis (Frank) who with his brothers built a boat and sailed to America, she mentioned that there was seven brothers involved."

I have been over the records at NARA, both in New York and in Washington, as well as to the Castle Gardens  and other subscription web sites, and cannot come up with anything to support this story.  The marriage records from the Diocese of Brooklyn would indicate that there were at least 3 sisters, Eliza, Margaret and Catherine.  Uncle Frank's dates are wrong as well, he did not have access to the census records that indicate Patrick arrived circa 1866, and he was always looking for records 10 to 20 years earlier.



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