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Ah......more controversy.  We all know as a fact that this is the Flood Crest.  Its sold in every Irish shop across the globe!


Vert [green], a chevron Argent [silver] between three wolves' heads erased of the second, langued Gules [red].


A wolf's head, proper









But which Floods?  After reading most of the research I believe that this is the English-Welsh Flood-Floyd-Fludd heraldry.

There are 2 others that I have found


Vert [green], three daggers sable
[black] pointing outwards, a sun
or [gold] in middle chief, two mullets or in base


A heart gules [red], surmounted by a coronet or [gold] surrounded on either side by an eagle's wing proper.



These Irish (Gaelic) arms are to be found in "Atlas and Cyclopedia of Ireland" by Murphy and McCarthy c1904, Plate 22, No. 298. I happen to have this volume, found it on the web in a shop in Australia.  It has many Irish family arms, if I can help anyone out, just send an email.

In fact, one of the curious is that it has a separate Arms for the family Tully, which is supposed to be just a derivation of Flood!

Murphy & McCarthy Plate 20, No. 43

For a great discussion on Flood heraldry, see Mike Flude's website.

Then there is a third. I have this crest framed, I think that my father had it researched.  There is a description on the back, but not the name of the researcher.


Vert, a swords fesseways the point to the sinister side, proper, between the sun in its splendor in chief, and two mullets in base, or.


Between two wings or, a griffin's head vert

This third is very close to the second - there's only 1 sword (dagger?), and its a griffin, not a heart.

If anyone has any ideas as to which the correct heraldry for the Irish-Gaelic Floods please drop me a line kpflood@clanflood.org.




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