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The Legan Connection

In the late 1960s when I joined my father Arthur in the practice of law, we also acted as my Uncle Frank's secretarial team, writing letters all over in pursuit of genealogical research. 

One such letter went to the parish in Lenamore (Legan), County Longford, Ireland.  The parish priest, Father Ryan, took it next door the family of Vincent Flood. Vincent's daughter Mary, the postmistress, replied on April 24, 1969, and the Legan connection was made!

Mary Flood in Legan - 2004


Frank visited and stayed with Vincent's family, spoke with people in the village, and did some research in the neighboring parishes. see more  Although he didn't find any actual proof that we were the same Flood family, he was convinced that there was a connection.

Here is a transcription of Fr. Frank's notes:

"1.  Facial resemblance including
a) High forehead
b) Ears
2. Walk - says Mike Donnally, age 84, Lenamore, 2 sisters, 1 brother in Providence R.I..  Says I am the picture of Vincent's Uncle John - remarked this to Mary the 1st time he saw me.

3.  William Flood married the widow, Elizabeth (nee Moran) Farrell. (There are many Farrells hereabouts in Lenamore, in records and cemeteries.) My father was as a boy continuously in & out of the home of Farrell, as though it were his own home. Could it be that the Floods & Farrells of Brooklyn were acquainted because they both came from the same area?

4.  Vincent Flood, Mary's father, tells me that their family came to the Lenamore, Co. Longford area, from just across the Westmeath Co. line near Milltown, about 150 years ago - which might account for the mention of Longford-Westmeath in our own family tradition. see records for Milltown info

5. The repeated occurrence, in the Lenamore Parish Baptismal Records, of the names Thomas Flood & Brigid Flood, both separately and together as sponsors.  The fact that both were husband & wife. My great-grandparents were Thomas & Brigid (nee McGovern) Flood, Contemporaries of & perhaps identical with the Thomas & Brigid Flood who appear in the Lenamore Baptismal Records."

Read Father Frank's book on Legan here

From that visit the families have kept in touch with one another, visiting each other in the states or Ireland.

2004 Dublin Vincent Flood (Dublin), Mary Flood (Legan), Kevin Patrick Flood (Jacksonville, FL), Raymond R. Flood, Jr. (Freehold, NJ), and James J. Flood (Dublin)

Then there's James Patrick Flood of Staten Island - his family is also from Legan, with the same reoccurrence of names in the family, together with the fact that his grandfather was married at Our Lady of Victory Parish in Brooklyn, the very same that our Floods belonged!  Isn't said that immigrants tend to seek out their family when they arrive?




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